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WP 300.11 Device for Cupping Experiments
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements / Properties of Materials /

This supplement to the universal material tester WP 300 enables deep-drawing and cupping experiments to be performed to assess the material properties of thin sheet. The deep-drawing conditions are similar to those used in practice. A sheet specimen is clamped between the die and the holder. The specimen is then deformed using a spherical punch until it cracks. A mirror permits the underside of the specimen to be observed and thus makes it possible to see exactly how cracking starts. Using this device thin sheets up to thickness of 2mm can be investigated.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Deep-drawing experiment for the determination of the quality of thin sheets made of different materials


[1] Deep-drawing experiment for assessing the quality of thin sheet as a supplement to the universal material tester WP 300 
[2] Sheet specimen thickness max. 2mm
[3] Specimen mat. steel, aluminium, copper, brass
[4] Spherical drawing punch, diameter 20mm
[5] Die diameter 27mm
[6] Mirror for the observation of the underside of the specimen


Technical Data


- material: steel, aluminium, brass, copper
- dimensions: 60x60mm, thickness max. 2mm
Drawing punch: sphere 20mm
Die diameter: 27mm


Scope of Delivery

1 deep-drawing device, complete

St, Cu, Al, CuZn deep-draw specimens 5 of each

1 instruction manual

Order Details

020.30011  WP 300.11  Device for Cupping Experiments