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WP 300.04 Bending Device
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements / Properties of Materials /

Using this accessory for the universal material tester WP 300, a bending bar is investigated. This is mounted on two supports and loaded with a point force generated by the tester. By sliding the bearing it is possible to apply the force in different positions and change the support width. An I-section steel beam is used as the base. This is straightforwardly bolted to the lower cross-member on the WP 300. Using the apparatus, the relationship between load and elastic deformation can be demonstrated. The influence of the modulus of elasticity and planar moment of inertia is also demonstrated.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Loading of a bending bar by a point force
- Influence of modulus of elasticity and planar moment of inertia on elastic deformation


[1] Supplementary experiment on the WP 300 universal material tester for the elastic deformation of bending bars subject to a point force
[2] Test bar made of cold drawn flat steel
[3] Cross-section 40x12mm, length 320mm
[4] Support width adjustable width
[5] Moveable bearing, semicircular seat
[6] I-section steel beam as bearing base
[7] Comprehensive experiment instructions, also as pdf


Technical Data

Bending bar

- flat steel cold drawn
- cross-section: 40x12mm
- length: 320mm
Support width, adjustable: 100...300mm


Scope of Delivery
1 bending device
1 set of experiment instructions
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020.30004  WP 300.04  Bending Device