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TZ 200.04 Drilling Jig for a Casting
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Mechatronics / Engineering Drawing /

The model comprises two elements: the actual drilling jig and a cast part representing the workpiece. The cast part is to be drilled with four through-holes using a standard drill. It is clamped in the jig and the drill is fed to it by way of bushes.

  Core didactic aspects are reading and understanding technical drawings, standardised and production-oriented dimensioning of parts, sketching of suggested improvements or required parts. In addition, many other aspects can be covered with the aid of this interdisciplinary teaching model, including: jig geometry, cast parts, clamping techniques, and manufacturing technology.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

Technical drawing:
- Familiarisation with three-dimensional views
- production-oriented and standardised
  representation of components

- surface finish and tolerance specifications

- overview drawing, parts list

- standard parts
- 3D views
- material specifications

- Jig and clamping techniques
- manufacturing methods

- work planning


[1] Part of the GUNT technical drawing course
[2] Practical drilling jig for machining of a cast part
[3] All drilling jig components made from steel, precision-manufactured, surfaces in gunmetal finish
[4] Instructional material incorporates action-oriented and interdisciplinary forms of teaching


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 125 x 125 x 150 mm (drilling jig)
l x w x h: 60 x 80 x 105 mm (cast part)
Weight: approx. 5 kg
Scope of Delivery

1 drilling jig

1 cast part

1 set of instructional material

Order Details
050.20004  TZ 200.04  Drilling Jig for a Casting