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TZ 110 Cylindrical Work Samples with Cut-Outs Parallel to Axis
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Mechatronics / Engineering Drawing /

The geometric models support the learning process by providing an introduction to technical drawings: from the solid model to the more abstract representation of the three views in a technical drawing. 
  The TZ 110 set contains 18 aluminium drawing models. The cylindrical models have cut-outs parallel to the main axis of the model. The models are precision-manufactured and are suitable for measurement exercises as well as drawing exercises. 
  For optimal learning, it is recommended that students work independently from each other on these exercises. Two students can easily work with one model set.
  The models are clearly laid out on a tray. Multiple trays are stackable, providing for space-saving storage.
  The instructional material includes a complete set of drawings. It includes each model in three views, as well as its 3D view and production drawing.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Familiarisation with three-dimensional views as the
  basis of technical drawing
- Step-by-step development of three-dimensional 
  visualisation: from the solid model to the more 
  abstract views in a technical drawing
- Systematic familiarisation with a wide range of 
  features on cylindrical base forms
- Exercises in production-oriented and standard 
- Measurement exercises: outer dimensions, inner 
  dimensions, tolerances


[1] Model set providing an introduction to technical drawing
[2] Set of 18 cylindrical models, made from aluminium, with anodised finish
[3] Models with cut-outs parallel to the major axes
[4] Finely graduated degrees of difficulty within the model series
[5] All parts clearly laid out on a practical tray
[6] Multiple trays stackable
[7] Precision manufacture of the models enables measurement exercises
[8] Lesson-supporting instructional material


Technical Data

Dimensions of each model 
- approx. d x h: 50x80mm


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 600x400x140mm (tray)
Weight: approx. 9kg
Scope of Delivery
1 tray with cut-out foam inlay
18 geometric models 
1 set of instructional material
Order Details
050.11000  TZ 110  Cylindrical Work Samples with Cut-Outs Parallel to Axis