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TM 620 Critical Speed Investigation Apparatus
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements / Dynamics /

This benchtop unit is used to show the resonance and critical bending speed on rotating shafts. The construction of the rotor of a thin, flexible shaft and rigid weights facilitates the theoretical comprehension. The rotor is held on the base frame with pivoting bearings. The weights and bearings can be placed at any location along the shaft and attached securely with quick-acting clamps. It is driven by a flexible coupling. Two motor speeds can be fine-adjusted and preset with ten-speed potentiometers. They are controlled electronically and displayed digitally. It is possible to switch speeds during the experiment as desired. A transparent protective hood covers the rotating parts. A set of electrical vibration sensors with clamping set TM 620.01 is also available.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
Bending oscillation and resonance on a rotating shaft at various speeds
- Simply loaded shaft
  * bending critical speed, oscillation form
  * self-centering of flexible rotor shafts
- Double loaded shaft
  * oscillation form of 1st and 2nd critical speeds
- Floating disc
  * critical speed

[1] Benchtop experiment for investigating critical bending speeds on rotors
[2] Max. two resonance speeds, illustration of self-centering
[3] Rotor shaft made of high-strength steel
[4] Two weights for attachment at any point
[5] Two pendulum ball bearings for positioning at any point for support of the rotor shaft
[6] Elec. motor 0.25kW, controlled electronically
[7] Adjustable speed, two speeds (can be preset), can be switched at any time, setting with two 10-speed potentiometers, digital display
[8] Locking catch on rotor
[9] Protective hood made of transparent plastic

Technical Data

Speed range: 300...3000rpm
Motor output: 0.25kW
Experimental rotor shaft: Dxl 6x500mm, steel
Weights: D=80mm, 1kg, steel
Min. spacing of weights: 50mm
Support: pendulum ball bearing
Adjustable bearing spacing: 300...470mm
Catch play: 3mm


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 1150 x 375 x 355 mm
Weight: approx. 49 kg
Required for Operation
230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase
Scope of Delivery

1 experimental apparatus, complete

1 steel shaft

2 weights

1 experiment instructions

Order Details
040.62000  TM 620  Critical Speed Investigation Apparatus