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ST 510 Full-Scale Sewerage System
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Thermal Engineering and HVAC / Sanitary Systems /

This full-scale experimental plant contains a comprehensive sewerage pipe system with many branches, fabricated using high quality glass laboratory pipes.

  Using this plant the flow and pressure can be investigated at various junctions, pipe offsets, changes in cross-section and at siphons under varying ventilation situations. Elevated tanks can be emptied using three remote controls so that a realistic flow of waste water can be produced. The plant has a closed water circuit with pump and tank. 

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Pressure distribution in the waste water

- Bypass pipe
- Flow in case of pipe offset
- Suction effect at junctions
- Operation of sanitation fittings

[1] Experimental plant for waste water engineering
[2] Numerous experiments possible
[3] Transparent pipes made of glass and tanks made of PMMA
[4] 10 flushing tanks, with valves that can be operated by 3 remote controls
[5] 2 toilets: 1x with flushing tank, 1x with flushing valve
[6] Includes downcomer, collecting pipe, ventilation pipe and bypass pipes
[7] 6-tube manometer to determine pressure distribution along a pipe
Technical Data


- power consumption: 550W

- max. flow rate: 70L/min

- max. head: 42m
Pressure reducing valve (pneumatic)

- 0...10bar

- setting pressure: 5bar
Remote control, battery-powered

Feed tank: approx. 300L
Flushing tank

- 2x 20L 

- 8x 10L


Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 5700x800x3900mm
Weight: approx. 3000kg
Required for Operation
230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase
Compressed air: 6...10bar
Scope of Delivery

1 experimental plant

1 set of measuring hoses

3 remote controls

1 manual

Order Details
066.51000  ST 510  Full-Scale Sewerage System