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provides 3 solutions by different case to help you save your battery cell and system.

  • Perform cell activation on the state of online/offline floating charge.
  • Perform constant current discharge for cell.
  • perform automatic charge for batteries. When batteries are on the state of online/offline floating charge


a good idea to recover your battery cell which is not on codition what it should be.



  • Data storage: large capacity. Save 10 groups of activation data, 10 groups of check discharge data, and 10 groups of charge test data.
  • Users can query, delete and export the data.
  • With RS232 interface and USB interface. Users can perform long-term historical data storage and analysis.
  • When the instrument detects abnormal phenomenon of battery or working is abnormal, it automatically stops testing for protecting battery.
  • The activation adopts integrated design with monitoring unit and power unit. The monitoring unit adopts high-speed A/D and D/A, and power unit adopts new-type parts.
  • The instrument can display battery voltage, charge/discharge current, charge/discharge capacity, charge/discharge time and etc.
  • Users can set up activation cycling and also stop the activation manually.
  • This software is English designed, and it can automatically create voltage/current histogram, curve chart, and test report (including
  • Excel table and word document


Technical parameters

Model SAT-IA02/10 SAT-IA02/20 SAT-IA0612/03 SAT-IA2612/10 SAT-IA2612/20
Cell voltage
measurement type
2V 6V/12V 2V/6V/12V 2V/6V/12V
Cell voltage
measurement range
0~ 3V 6V:1~ 16V
12V:4~ 15V
2V:0~ 3V
6V:4~ 8V
12V:4~ 15V
2V:0~ 3V
12V:4~ 15V
Cell voltage resolution 0.001V 0.01V 2V:0.001V
current working range
2~ 100A 5~ 200A 6V:2~ 20A
12V:2~ 30A
2V:2~ 100A
6V:2~ 20A
12V:2~ 30A
2V:5~ 200A
6V:5~ 20A
12V:5~ 30A
Battery capacity
check range
20~ 1000Ah 50~ 2000Ah 6V:20~ 200Ah
12V:20~ 300Ah
2V:20~ 1000Ah
6V: 20~200Ah
12V: 20~ 300Ah
2V:50~ 2000Ah
6V: 50~ 200Ah
12V: 50~ 300Ah
Charge/discharge current
control accuracy
Current testing accuracy 1%
Voltage testing accuracy 0.5%
Working voltage AC220 +-15%
Communication mode RS232 communication and USB communication
Cooling mode Refrigeration by blast
Working environment Temperature: 0'C~ 40'C Humidity: 20%~ 80%RH
Storage condition -20'C~ 70'C package and storage
Display mode LCD with high brightness
External dimensions
(L W H)mm
365X 210X 335 450X 185X 515 365X 210X 335 450X 185X 515 450X 190X 585
Weight 9kg 20kg 9kg 15kg 19,5kg
Carry method Portable type Portable type, move with
roller wheel