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  • SAT-F5 series Optical Multimeter could provide light source of single/ double
  • wavelength continuous light.
  • The Wavelength of light source: 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm, 1625nm, 1490nm.
  • Integrating with LD source and optical power range module.

Handheld and intelligent multi-function measurement.

Wildly Used

  • It is the best selection for major engineering test operators and technicians.
  • It is applicable for field operation and high-precision measurement under laboratory.

Wildly Used

  • 4.5 digit LCD display, multi-unit display mode for shift: nW,uW,mW,dBm,dB
  • Automatic range shift
  • Automatic turn-off, time setting range: 5~60mins.
  • Automatic reset
  • Multi-wavelength measurement, auto frequency identifying: 270Hz 1kHz 2kHz
  • Data storage function; 1000 groups for storage
  • PC real-time data monitor function
  • Low battery alarm


Wavelength 850/1310/1550/1625/1490nm single/double
Light-emitting parts LD
Output power -6dBm error +- 0.2
Output stability +-0.03dB/15min: +- 0.05dB/8h
Wavelength of optical
power meter
850 980 1300 1310 1490 1550 1625nm
Measurement range -70dBm~+ 10dBm -50dBm~+26dBm
Measurement accuracy +-5%
Power supply 2 1.2V nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries
External dimensions 140 72 38mm
Weight 0.25Kg
Working temperature -10~+ 50
Storage temperature -40~+ 70