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Higher integration and better functions

SAT-AG Stationary battery comprehensive tester is a kind of product introduced according to the market demand, which integrates the
three major functions.

Online monitoring for battery string

When the battery string is under the state of online discharge, uniform charge and floating charge, perform real-time online monitoring
for all cells.

Discharge function

Perform discharge of constant current taking advantage of intellectualized dummy load after the battery pack is removed from system,
set up the parameters,the tester could carry out discharge function automatically, when the string reaches the conditions to stop
discharging or manual final operation could stop discharge test.

Quick capacity test function

Under the state of offline state, it just takes 5 20 minutes to measure the actual capacity of all cells.

Powerful PC management software function

Create test report automatically. Zoom in and out the graphs

of voltage, inner resistance and capacity.

OXX Version testing equipment can connect to our SAT-AM Stationary battery data Logging Devices to quickly run the constant current
discharge, capacity and internal rsistance function.

Technical parameters 

Model 24-1505 48-1505 48-3010 4824-1505 110-0501 110-1003 220-0802 220/110-0501
Whole string voltage
measurement range
0 ~30V 0~ 60V


24:0~ 30V

0~ 135V 0~ 270V
Discharge current
1A ~150A 1A 300A

24:1~ 150A

48:1~ 150A

1~ 50A 1~ 100A 1~ 80A 1~ 40A
Constant current discharge
voltage range
21 ~30V 42V~ 60V

24:21~ 30V

48:42~ 60V

90~ 140V 180~ 270V
Battery capacity check range 10Ah~ 1500Ah 10Ah~ 3000Ah 10~ 1500Ah 10~ 500Ah 10~ 500Ah 10~ 800Ah 10~ 500Ah
Cell data collection method Built-in wire standard wireless optional wireless optional
Monitoring current range 0~ 300 A
Working voltage DC48V +-20%
DC110V 20% DC220V +-20%
AC220 +-15%
External dimensions mm 420x 210x 390 435x 270x 485 420x 210x 390 435x 270x 485
Weight <Kg 15 18 15 18
Cell voltage measurement type 2V/6V/12V
Cell voltage measurement range 2V 0~ 4V 6V 0~ 8V 12V 0~ 15V
Cell voltage resolution 2V/6V 0.001V 12V 0.01
Whole string voltage resolution 0.01V
Voltage testing accuracy 0.5%
Capacity check testing
range extension
One external load added, the testing capacity range doubled
Cooling mode Refrigeration by blast
Working environment Temperature 0'C~ 40C Humidity20%~ 80%RH
Storage condition -20'C~ 70'C package and storage
Communication mode RS232communication and USB communication
Display mode LCD with high brightness and large screen
Carry method Portable type