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Automatically analysis batterystate
Building the history record base, describe the battery stute curve.
Batteries contrastive analysis in the same battery pack
All batteries are administrated by different levels(excellent, good, medium, bad)


Smart and portable

SAT-AC01 Battery Conductance Tester is a multi-function and protable digital data storage measurement
insturment to test battery running condition and paratmeters quickly and precisely.

  • Automatically analysis battery state.
  • High precision online testing, Full automatically switch the testing range
  • Display and record muiti groups of batteries voltage, conductance , connecting stip resistance and over key paraemeters,
  • Enhanced over voltage protecting function.
  • Aotumatically recovery the over current protecting function.
  • Use the SOC chip to improve the tester stability.
  • Low battery indicate to guarantee test precision
  • Automatic testing mode makes user test expediently.
  • Big capacity Lithium cell and adapter two power supply.

Conductance and Capacity

It has been found that Voltage is irrelevance with Capacity of battery, because Voltage is only to show battery's basic parameters.
Internationally, Conductance test is widely applied in daily battery maintainance instead of Voltage check, because Conductance is
reflection to internal parameters of battery with high precision worldwide.

Technical parameter


Testing Range Conductance 100S-19990S
Voltage 0.000v 25.000v
Measurement Precision Conductance +-0.5%rdg +-6dgt
Voltage +-0.2%rdg+- 6dgt
Power Supply 10.8V,2000mAh,Rechargeable Lithum Battery
Watt Consumption Work for 8 hours Continuously
Storag Capacity 256M SD Flash
Display 320 x 240 matrix dot LCD
Size 280 x 105 x 83 mm
Weight 1.2Kg
Working Temperature -5 --60
Humidity 90%RH