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  • Multi-wavelength application
  • Automatic power-off. Low battery alarm.
  • 4.5 bit liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • It is allowed to set up step length correspondingly: 0.01dB, 1.0dB, and 10dB.
  • Memory of current setting.
  • Attenuation value can be set up at single step or continuously

SAT-9B Digital Optical Variable Attenuator is mainly used for the attenuation of continuous optical signal power, whose core components
are imported high-performance ones to enable it to have the ability of quick regulation of attenuation value with good linearity, high
accuracy, low insertion loss and attenuation locating, etc.
The body of SAT-9B products is designed to the demand of human engineering. With advanced double colors rubber coating technics
applied, the instrument looks attractive in shape, and is durative, reliable, easy to use, and suited to several working atmospheres.

Technical index


Parameter Unit Technical Index
9B01 9B02
Wavelength range nm 800 ~1700
Standard wavelength nm 1310, 1550 1310 1490 1550
Measuring range dB 0 ~60
Max optical input power dB 26
Measuring accuracy
0 30dB: 0.2dB,30 50dB: 0.3dB,50 60dB: 0.5dB
Insertion loss
Return loss
Optical interface
FC, ST, SC typed connector
Resolution dB 0.01dB
Power supply
2 1.2V(2300mAh) AA nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries;
Continuous testing time: over 5 hours
Power consumption mW 300 mW
Working temperature C --10~+ 50
Storage temperature C -40~+ 70
External dimensions mm 140 72 38mm
Weight Kg 0.25