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Pulse reflection and intelligent bridge method with full-automatic and manual testing functions

SAT-8B TDR Cable Fault Locator adopts international advanced electronic measurement technology
It is applicable for accurate localization of breakage, cross, poor electric insulation and other faults of various telephone cables, RF cables,
coaxial cables.

Technical parameters

Pulse reflection
testing method
measurement range
0 8km
Testing accuracy 1m for measurement range: 2km
8m for measurement range: 2km
Testing dead zone 0m
Pulse width 60ns 10 s automatic adjustment
Bridge testing
Poor insulation resistance 0~30 M
Testing length Full length 9999m
Sectional 9999m 3 sections
Testing error 1% x Full length of line
Power consumption 2.5W
Volume 240 180 110mm
Working temperature -10C~50C