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Universal and multi-function network dataanalyzer featured in ADSL 2+ Moden, multimeter and printer direct connection

SAT-701D ADSL2+ Tester is a hand-held communication instrument that supports
batteries as power supply,.This product is particularly applicable for the field cutover,
acceptance and maintenance of ADSL equipment, and can be widely used by ADSL
business operators like China Telecom, China Rail Company, etc, and is the best
choice of ADSL engineers and technicians.


For ADSL physical layer

  • Line parameters testing
  • DMT sub-channel carrier pattern
  • TRACE function: Trace the transmission path of IP pack, display IP routing 


For ADSL network layer

  • PING test (ISP LAN WAN )
  • Simulated PC logon Simulate user terminal PC logging on ISP provider to verify if ADSL user can surf on the Internet.
  • Webpage browsing.
  • Completely instead of ADSL MODEM to simulate PC logon, and verify the operation performance of user s terminal equipment.
  • Obtain dynamic IP address by PPPoE dial-up.

For ADSL line

  • Digital multi-meter (DMM) test  Test AC/DC voltage, loop resistance, insulation resistance, capacitance, etc.
  • Phone connectivity test
  • Estimate the distance of telephone wire.


Technical index

  • Connectors: RJ11 --- WAN interface PHONE interface RJ45 --- LAN interface
  • Applicable standards: ITU G.992.1(G.DMT) ITU G.992.2 (G.lite) ITU G.992.3(ADSL2) RE-ADSL ITU G.992.4 (Splitterless ADSL2) ITU G.992.5 (ADSL2+) ITU G.992 Annex A Annex B Annex C(FBM and DBM) ANSI T1.413 Issue 2 YDN078-1998
  • Upper layer protocol support: PPP over ATMt(PPPoA) PPP over Ethernet(PPPoE) Ethernet over ATM (RFC-1483B) RFC-1483R IP over ATM (IPoA)
  • Upper layer communication support: ATM UBR VBR CBR Line performance index: Down speed: 24Mb/s, Up speed: 1.024Mb/s, Maximum transmission distance 6.5Km
  • Digital multi-meter: DC voltage: 110V 110V accuracy: 5% AC voltage: 0 110V accuracy: 5% Resistance: 0 20M accuracy: 5% Capacitance: 0 220 F accuracy: 5%






Other parameters

Power supply
1 Special power adapter
INPUT: AC220V 50Hz
2 Built-in rechargeable battery
4000mAh 7.2V rechargeable lithium battery
Working time: 6 hours
Charging time: 6 hours in closed state, and 10 hours in open

Dimensions and weight:
L W H: 200 162 48mm
Weight: 900g

Ambient parameters:
Working temperature: 10 50
Storage temperature: 30 70
Humidity: 5% 90% non-condensing