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SAT-3C04 Optical Visual Fault Locator is used for optical identification, fault
locating of single mode fiber or multimode fiber, which is basic tool of optical
network, LAN, FDDI, ATM optical system, and telecom network system maintenance
with small structure, portable design, and simple operation, it adopts
AA battery for power supply, and it is greatly suitable for field operation.


Technical parameter

Model SAT-3C04 SAT-3C04B
Central wavelength 650nm 20 nm
Lumination parts LD
Output power >2mW >5mW
Spectrum width >5mW
Impulse modulation Continuous light or 1Hz modulated light
Fiber identification distance >5km >9km
Optical fiber type Single mode fiber SM or multimode fiber (MM)
Adapter type Universal
Power supply Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Working time 80 hours/50 hours modulated light/continuous light
Working temperature -~10 +~50 c
Model -~20 +~ 70 c
Model 0 95 non-condensing
Model Length:170mm, Diameter: :24mm
Model 160g