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SAT-2B PCM Channel Analyzed
Instrumentation / Aitelong / Data Tranmission Testing /

Technical parameters



Signal frequency 100Hz 4000Hz step: 10Hz Frequency response 0.1dB
Output level + 6 ~ -61dBm0, step: 1dB Output impedance and retu rn loss 600 within 200 3600HZ, return loss 36dB
Relative level +1 ~- 17dB step: 0.1dB  
Distortion degree 1020Hz/0dBm0 50dB Output balance degree 60dB within 200 3600Hz


Frequency 200Hz 3600Hz
Level range
200Hz 3600Hz
    Level Level range 13dB 78d B,dBm0: 6
61dB,dBr: 7 17dB

Measurement error 0dBm0 is 0.2dB,others are
   Frequency gain Ref. signal 1020Hz/ 10dBm0
Ref. signal 1020Hz/ 1 0dBm0
Frequency range 200Hz 3600Hz
Measurement range 60dB 60dB
   Level gain Measurement error 0.2dB
Ref. signal 1020Hz / 10dBm0
Level range 5dBm0 60dBm0
Measurement range 60dB 60dB
   Idle channel noise Measurement error 0.2dB
Assistant signal closed
Measurement range 90dBm0p 5dBm0p, ITU-T
Measurement erro r 90 75dBm0p: 2.5dB
75 70dBm0p: 1.5dB
70 5dBm0p: 1dB
Disturbing signal 1020Hz/0dBm0
Measurement range 90dBm0 5dBm0
Error range 1dB
   Quantizing distortion
Ref. frequency 820Hz
Level range 5d Bm0 -60dBm0
Measurement range 0 60dB,ITU-T weighted
Measureme nt error 0.8dB
Return loss Signal frequency range
200Hz 3600Hz,level: 0dBm0
Measurement range 0dB 62dB
Measurement error 1dB
Longitudinal balance loss
Signal frequency 
200Hz 3600Hz,level: 0dBm0
Measurement range 0dB 82dB
Measurement error 1dB


Input impedance and return loss input impedance is 600 within 200 3600HZ,and return loss 36dB
Input balance degree 60 dB within 200 3600Hz
Interface balance 600 ,200 560 //0.1UF;
200 680 //0.1UF;
Direct current loop IGT dynamic im pedance 100K ,
maximum loop current is 60mA,
and loop voltage drop is 15V;

OGT dynamic impedance 100K ,
and constant current of feeding circuit is

Power supply





(1) With special power adapter
(2) Internal rechargeable battery
4000mAh 6V Ni-MH rechargeable battery
Working time: 6 hours
Charge:6 hours at turn-off;
10 hours at turn-on;
Printer P40-TS(CH) Standard serial Chinese/
Demenstion Weight
English mini-printer Optional
L W H=200 160 42mm
Operation temperature 0 40'C
Storage temperature -20 +70
Humidity 5% 90% non-condensing