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Being used widely Customization/custom-make

Meet demands of easy operation with multi-fuction for the users effectively assisting line maintenance workers (You) in preventing,
diagnosising, and repairing the problems of fiber optic transmission, and enhance security and connectivity of the network.

  • Splicing loss detection
  • Fiber attenuation measurement
  • Fiber acceptance test
  • Fiber break point locating
  • Fiber length measurement
  • On-Line monitoring
  • Fiber identification

No experience required for optical network testing

SAT-18B OTDR are compact, cost-effective, portable and high dynamic range Mini Optical Time Domain Reflectometer.By providing all
the measurement functions and performance required for optical fiber construction and maintenance.
supply two-wavelength 1310 and 1550nm in one module .Used to testing all fiber applications from Telenet and WDM to MAN FTTH and
LAN network

High precision event

  • Minimum 1.6M event dead zone
  • Dynamic range is reach to 35dB
  • Attenuation dead zone is start from 4m
  • 0.03dB/dB is industry-leading precision

Two operating modes

 1 Auto Mode
Lets you select acquisition parameters automaticlly.Perfect for
basic, repetitive OTDR applications or for occasional users.
2 Manual Mode
It can be chaged the parameters of optical index of refraction
and fiber excess coefficient setting to measure the maximum

Speciality Report

Make use of configurable report and batch printing,
fast and effectively create full speciality report.
1 Create optical fiber cable report and get particular
a.Fiber event- report Display full event-data in
compact foramt
b.Fiber zone-report Scrutiny all fiber-in-the-zone
c.Fault report Base on fault feedback of userthreshold
2 Print the OTDR cruve of display and choose stat


Model SAT-18B
Wavelength 1310 + 20/1550 + 20nm
Maximun dynamic range 35/34dB
Minimum event dead zone
Minimum attenuation dead zoneb 4.5/5m
Distance Selection 0.8km,1.6km,3.2km,6.4km,12.8km,25.6km,51.2km,102.4km,204.8km,409.6km

Pulse width 8ns,16ns,40ns,80ns,160ns,320 ns,640 ns,1280ns,2560ns,5120ns,10240ns,20480ns
linearity +-0.03 dB/dB
Loss theshold 0.01 dB
Loss resolution 0.001 dB
Sampling resolution 0.025 to 0.03m
Sampling points Up to 128000
Distance uncertaintyd +-(0.75+0.0025% distance)m
Measure time User -defined(180sec maximun)
Display Touchscreen color,640 480TFT203mm(8in)
Storage -SD Cards
Batteriesf Rechargeable Li-lon 6600mAh 8h of operation
Power supply AC/DCadapter input 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
>1A output:19VDC >3A
Operating temperature -5 to 50 23 F to 122 F
Storage temperatureg -40 to 70 40 F to 158 F
Relative humidity 0% to 95% non-condensing
Size( H + W  + D) 300mm 205mm 95mm
Weight 3kg


A.All specificarion valid at 23 2 (73.4 F 3.6 F)with an FC/PC connector unless otherwise specified.
b.Typical dead zone of singlemode for reflectance below -45dB, using a 8ns pulse.
c.Typical dynamic range with a three-minte averaging at SNR=1.
d.Does not include uncertainty due to fiber index.
e.Typical output power value at 1550nm.
f.Standard recharge time is 3h. Recharge temperature:0 to 35 (32 F to 95 F)
g.Not including internal batteries. Battery maximun storage temperature 60 (140 F).