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SAT-13B Power quality analyzer is designed and manufactured in reference to GB/T14549-93 Electrical Energy Quality Harmonic Power
Quality Public Utility Grid National Standards IEC 61000-4-31 A special hand-held instrument for testing and analyzing operation quality
of utility grid.

Ican provide analysis, har and power quality analysis in electrical operation for fully monitoring impact upon utility grid during starting
and stopping large-sized electrical equipment.
Measure Voltage, current, Freq and record its change Trend.
Measure 3-phase 4-wire (3-volt, 4-current) 1st~50th order and its THD. Record the change Tren of har. in a certain order.
Measure 3-phase active power, apparent power, reactive power, PF and etc. of 3-phase 4-wire electrical system, and record change
Tren of 3-phase active power.



Front End Troubleshooting: Use screen to view fast fault diagnostics so as to restore normal operation of the system
Predictive Maintenance: Perform testing and prevent Electrical Energy quality problem before shutdown
Service Quality: Check Electrical Energy quality at service line
Long-term Analysis: Test indiscoverable or intermittent fault
Load Study: Check the electrical system capacity before increasing load
Energy Evaluation: Perform quantized evaluation of Energy consumption before and after reformation, to verify effect of low Energy
consumption equipment.

Technical Indexe

  • Input Impedance: 1M , 20pF
  • Measurement Range and Precision

          1) Voltage: 1 V 700 V (true effective value) 1%
          2) Current: 1A, 10A, 100A, 1000A (select corresponding
               probe) 1%
          3) Freq: 30~80Hz 0.01Hz
          4) Har. Measurement: 1st~50th order Voltage/current

  • Surging Current: 2000 A (select 1000 A current sensor)
  • Peak Voltage: 1000 V
  • Memory Space: 4M bytes
  • Display Screen: 320 240 Colour Graphics LCD
  • Communication Interface: USB


Measurable Range Measurement Precision Description
Voltage/Current /Freq234567 3-phaseVoltage:0~1000V(trueeffecttive value) Voltage: +- 1%
Current: +- 1%
Freq: +- 0.5%
Here A phase
Voltage Freq
taken as Meas
uring Freq
Zero-wire Voltage: 0~70(true effective value)
3-phase Current: 0~1000 A(True effect
ive value, select1000 A current sensor)
Zero-wire current:0~25A(true effectIve
value, select 25 Acurrent sensor).
Freq: 30~80 Hz
Har. Measurement Voltage Har.:Total Har. +1st ~50th Har.  Voltage:1%
Current: 1%
Here A phase Voltage Freq
taken as measuring Freq
Current Har.: Total Har. +1st ~50th Har
Here A phase Voltage Freq
taken as measuring Freq
Active Power: 0.01~10000 KW Active Power: 2%
ApparentPower: 2%
Idle Power: 2% PF: 0.1%
ActivePower Electrical Energy
: 2% Apparent Power Electrical
Energy: 2% Idle Power
ElectricalEnergy 2%,
Average PF 0.1%

Apparent Power: 0.01~10000 KVA
Idle Power: 0.01~10000 KVAR
PF: 0.00~1.00
Active Power Energy:0.01~10000kWh
Apparent Power Energy: 0.01~10000kVah
Idle Power Energy: 0.01~10000kVARh
Average PF: 0.00~1.00
3-phase Unbalan Fundamental Voltage: 0~1000 V (true effective value).
Fundamental Current: 0~1000 A (true effective value).
Fundamental Freq: 30~80Hz. Phi: 0~360 .
Unbalan. Factor: 0.0%~100%.
Recordable Parameters:
Voltage: 1%
Current: 1%
Freq: 0.5%
Phi: 1%
Unbalan.Factor: 2%
Here A phase Voltage Freq
Taken as measuringFreq
Monitor Record 3-Phase Voltage, 3-Phase Current, Zero-Wire Current,
Voltage Har. (Total Har. +1st ~50th Har.), Current Har.
(Total Har. +1st ~50th Har.),3-Phase Unbalan., Active
Power, PF
Same as above
relevant items
99 hr data can be recorded at
mostper task. If Various Record
Paramete rsreselected, record
time will be sortened as a result
Abrupt Increase/Decrease Abrupt Voltage Increase, Abrupt Voltage
Decrease and Temporary Power-Cut

Record 200 events at most
Fluctuations Voltage Fluctuations 0.1%~10.0%