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SAT-11AB 12B
Instrumentation / Aitelong / Resistance Testing /

high-accuracy and good adaptation of testing environment

It not only possesses the function of the traditional method but also the features
of earth resistance testing without assistant poles


  • Earth resistance testing
  • Being widely used in the fields of power industry, telecommunication, weather.for earth resistance of equipments
  • Being used in the fields of resistance testing for earth resistance of various equipments and buildings.
  • Test the soil resistively
  • Test the RMS of leakage current under the conditions of earth/unearth of system.

SAT-11A/B Single Clamp Earth Tester

  • No error of electrodes arranging, which can get a results in good consistency under the condition of retesting;
  • Equipped with standard testing wrapper which can be used to do the self-testing with accuracy..

SAT-12B Double Clamps Earth Tester

  • On-line measurement tunction..
  • With the function of self-checking and avoid the influence for the test result by connecting the resistance and line resistance.
  • Sopport alternation functions,in order to improve the reliability of system.
  • Communicate with the upper-level PC to realize uploading of the test data.
  • With broad range of usage and measurement,with the backlighting system.
  • Serial testing.
  • Electrical safety: tollining standards of IEC1010-1, EN61010-1 or P53