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RT 450.40 Visualisation Software
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Computer-assisted communication between automation components over a field bus is a standard approach in industrial control systems. 
  The RT 450 training system works with Profibus DP. A Profibus card performs the function of the field bus master and serves as the communications interface (CIF). The field bus slaves – in this case the controller module and the PLC module - must likewise be field bus-compatible. The components must be equipped with a Profibus module to facilitate this operation.
  One of the key features of the visualisation software, based on LabVIEW, is a chart which is used to present visuals of time functions. The software can also be used to operate and parameterise process controllers (RT 450.10 and RT 450.11). The communications interface (CIF) controls the data interchange between the software and the slaves. 
  Communication is bidirectional: changes made in the software are transmitted directly to the slaves. Controller settings made on the controller’s keypad are also transmitted to the software.
  Data interchange between the software and the CIF is provided by way of an OPC server. An OPC server is the standard interface for interchange of process data.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- principles of communication when using

  computerised automation over field bus
- familiarisation with the hardware components and

- installation and configuration routines
- using an application
  * closed-loop and open-loop control visualisation

- familiarisation with the system elements
  * Profibus card as communications interface
  * OPC server
  * system configurator


[1] software for computerised automation
[2] Profibus card as communications interface (CIF)
[3] communications interface as field bus master
[4] controller module RT 450.10 or RT 450.11 with Profibus module RT 450.41 as slave
[5] PLC module RT 450.42 with Profibus module RT 450.43 as slave
[6] LabVIEW visualisation software 
[7] Profibus connections pre-configured on control cabinet of RT 450 base module


Technical Data

Profibus card
- Profibus DP
- 125 slaves
- 7168 bytes I/O data
- dual-port memory
- RS232 port, diagnostic PCI
- SyCon configuration software 
- OPC server


System requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista


Scope of Delivery
1 Profibus card
1 software CD with LabVIEW visualisation software
1 D-Sub data cable
Order Details

080.45040  RT 450.40  Visualisation Software