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PT 500.19 PT 500.19 Electromechanical Vibrations Kit
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Mechatronics / Machinery Diagnosis /

Asynchronous motors are in widespread use as drive mechanisms. They too can generate machine vibrations. If there is an asymmetric gap, the circulating magnetic forces induce rotational and bending vibrations. The same applies to partial failure of the electrical windings. In this case, the asymmetrical magnetic field also induces mechanical vibrations. 
  The PT 500.19 accessory set features an adjustable centering device to adjust an asymmetrical gap. A winding that can be switched off generates an electromagnetic asymmetry. The control unit of the PT 500 base system powers the asynchronous motor and permits the speed to be adjusted. The motor is subjected to load by the PT 500.05 brake and load unit.
  The accessory set is mounted on the base plate of  the machinery diagnostic base system 
  To measure and evaluate the experiment, the computerised vibration analyser PT 500.04 is required. It includes all the necessary sensors, a measurement amplifier and analysis software to record the vibration phenomena.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Influence of the gap on vibration behaviour
- Influence of electromagnetic asymmetry on vibration

- Influence of the load on the level of vibration
- Influence of the gap on electromagnetic losses and

- Influence of speed on vibration behaviour

- Understanding and interpreting frequency spectra
- Use of a computerised vibration analyser
In conjunction with a current measuring probe
- Measurement of current consumption per phase


[1] Investigation of vibration behaviour of an electric motor
[2] Asynchronous motor with adjustable gap
[3] Asymmetric magnetic field by winding with shut-off facility
[4] Eccentricity of armature adjustable via position of bearing cover
[5] Speed control via frequency converter of base unit
[6] Speed display on control unit of base unit PT 500
[7] Power display on control unit of base unit PT 500
[8] Accessory set for PT 500 machinery diagnostic training system
[9] Stackable storage box for all components


Technical Data

Speed-controlled asynchronous motor 
- speed range: 100...6000min-1
- nominal power output: 370W
Eccentricity of armature: 0...0,2mm


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 400x300x320mm (box)
Weight: approx. 11kg
Scope of Delivery
1 electric motor with terminal box
1 set of fit washers
1 storage box with foam inlay
1 manual
Order Details

052.50019  PT 500.19  Electromechanical Vibrations Kit