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PT 500.17 Cavitation in Pumps Kit
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Mechatronics / Machinery Diagnosis /

Cavitation can play a major role in the vibration of pumps during operation.
  With the PT 500.17 accessory set, cavitation can be experimentally induced and its influence on the vibration spectrum investigated.

  The principal elements of the accessory set are a single-stage centrifugal pump and a storage tank. The pump and tank are interconnected by hoses. Valves and manometers in the delivery and intake lines allow various operating conditions to be set. The transparent plastic pump housing provides a view into the interior of the pump during operation. This enables the formation of cavitation bubbles to be observed. Stroboscopic analysis is specially recommended (stroboscope not supplied).
  The pump can be driven directly through a flexible coupling on the base system PT 500 or by the PT 500.14 belt drive.
  The accessory set is mounted on the base plate of the machinery diagnostic base system PT 500. 
  To measure and evaluate the experiment, the computerised vibration analyser PT 500.04 is required. It includes all the necessary sensors, a measurement amplifier and analysis software to record the vibration phenomena.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- observing and understanding cavitation in a centrifugal pump

  * visually
  * stroboscopically (stroboscope available as

  * by vibration analysis
- investigation of the operating vibrations of  a
 centrifugal pump

- understanding and interpreting frequency spectra
- use of a computerised vibration analyser


[1] investigation of the conditions for cavitation in pumps
[2] single-stage centrifugal pump
[3] flow control valves permit the inception of cavitation
[4] manometers on intake and delivery side
[5] transparent housing 
[6] pump driven via coupling (PT 500) or with belt drive PT 500.14 
[7] accessory set for PT 500 machinery diagnostic training system
[8] stackable box for storing all components


Technical Data

Centrifugal pump
- max. flow rate at 3300min-1: 17L/min
- max. head at 3300min-1: 12m
- impeller with 3 blades
- min. speed for cavitation: approx. 2240min-1(with

  restriction on intake side)
- material: HDPE
- capacity: 20L
- delivery side: 0...4bar
- intake side: -1...1,5bar


Dimensions and Weight

LxWxH: 600x400x310mm (box)
Weight: approx. 16kg 

Scope of Delivery
1 pump 
1 tank
1 set of hoses
1 storage box with rubber mat
1 manual
Order Details
052.50017  PT 500.17  Cavitation in Pumps Kit