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PT 500.13 Couplings Kit
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Mechatronics / Machinery Diagnosis /

Rotating machine elements are interconnected by way of couplings. A coupling exhibiting production or assembly faults generates machine vibrations which can be analysed to give an indication of specific faults or damage.

  The PT 500.13 accessory set can be used to simulate various faults and investigate their effects on vibration behaviour. The properties of various coupling types can also be compared. The curved teeth, pin, flange and claw coupling types are investigated. The couplings are installed between the motor and the shaft. The PT 500.05 load unit will also be required to investigate the behaviour of the couplings under load.
  The accessory set-up is mounted on the base plate of the machinery    diagnostic base system PT 500.
  To measure and evaluate the experiment, the computerised vibration analyser PT 500.04 is required. It includes all the necessary sensors, a measurement amplifier and analysis software to record the vibration phenomena.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Effects of alignment errors on different coupling types

  * pin coupling with offset
  * claw coupling with offset 
- Effects of production faults such as eccentricity,
 wobble and pitch fault, on the running of the machine

  * flange coupling with no fault
  * flange coupling with eccentricity
  * flange coupling with wobble
  * pin coupling with no fault
  * pin coupling with pitch fault
- Identification of coupling faults from the vibration

- Load dependency of running behaviour
- Influence of gear rim hardness on claw couplings
- Comparison of curved teeth, pin, flange and claw

 - Understanding and interpreting frequency spectra

- Use of a computerised vibration analyser


[1] Investigation of the vibration behaviour of various coupling types with and without faults
[2] Curved teeth coupling
[3] 3 different coupling stars for the elastic claw coupling of the base unit PT 500
[4] Flange coupling with no fault
[5] Flange coupling with eccentricity
[6] Flange coupling with wobble 
[7] Pin coupling with and without pitch fault
[8] Experimentation set-up can be used with brake and load unit PT 500.05
[9] Accessory set for PT 500 machinery diagnosis training system
[10] Stackable box for all components


Technical Data

Pin coupling
- 1x centric pin
- 1x eccentric pin
   eccentricity of pin: 1mm
- max. pitch fault: 180° +/-1,909°  
Coupling stars for claw coupling
- 98 Shore A (red)
- 92 Shore A (yellow)
- 64 Shore D (green)
- 80 Shore A (blue, included in PT 500) 
Flange coupling
- eccentricity (centre offset): 0,2mm
- wobble: 0,4 +/-0,1mm


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 400x300x170mm (box)
Weight: approx. 6kg
Scope of Delivery
1 curved teeth coupling
1 flange coupling with no fault
1 flange coupling with eccentricity
1 flange coupling with wobble
1 pin coupling with adjustable pitch fault
3 coupling stars
1 bearing block
1 set of tools
1 storage box with foam inlay
1 manual
Order Details
052.50013  PT 500.13  Couplings Kit