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Power Transformers
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Standards: EN61558
Standard programme: (15 to 3000 VA)

Standard programme includes the following versions: toroidal transformers with standard cores, flat toroidal transformers, toroidal transformers sealed into PVC pots and toroidal transformers for direct mounting on printed circuit.

Special versions (on customer's request).
In the category of special versions we can manufacture the following toroidal transformers:

  • for the power from 10 VA to 3000 VA,
  • for the temperature classes B (130 °C) or F (150 °C),
  • for frequency up to 400 Hz,
  • with dimensions on request,
  • with several d.c. isolated windings,
  • with built-in thermal cut-out,
  • with insulation materials approved by UL
  • with antistatic screen,
  • autotransformers.