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OLS-1000 Analog Overlay Learning System
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The OLS-1000 overlay learning system allows the student to assemble even the most involved circuit thus leaving enough time for fruitful experimentation.

The OLS-1000 offering electronic template to guide students to an immediate and rational experiment layout since symbols of tracing paper are same as those of traditional circuit diagram.

The OLS-1000 analog overlay learning system is compatible with K&H products of IDL-600 analog lab training system and ETS-7000 digital-analog Training system. No add-ons are required. A standardized set of all necessary components is included. The thoroughly course software was designed by educators with over 20 years practical teaching experience. However, the experiments were especially stressed on the theory. The professional manual is referred to the most widely used theory books. The schematic diagrams component list and procedure are clearly offered. Each experiment was tested prior to final editing. Moreover, the continuous hands-on exposure ensures the transfer of practical technical skills in the minimum amount of time.