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MT 140.01 Assembly Exercise Piston Compressor: Functional Test
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The MT 140.01 test bed is used in conjunction with the piston compressor assembly exercises, MT 140.02 or MT 140. The fully assembled compressor is placed on the test bed. Here the complete system is professionally assembled, including alignment of the motor and compressor. The electrical connection of the compressor can also be demostrated if required as part of the teaching process. A successfully completed assembly exercise can then be examined for operability using a formal test procedure. During the functionality test, the pressure rise in the tank and the current consumption of the drive motor are recorded over time. 
  The components of MT 140.01 are clearly laid out on a base plate. The unit contains an electric motor with belt pulley and protective screen. A switch cabinet is included with displays and controls as well as a pressure tank with display, safety valve and pressure switch. An ammeter on the switch cabinet indicates the current consumption of the drive motor. The compressor being checked is installed on the test bed and connected to the drive motor via a belt drive.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

In conjunction with a piston compressor (MT 140 or MT 140.02)
- Functional testing of a piston compressor
- Pressure rise in tank over time
- Current consumption of drive motor as function of

- Familiarisation with a compressed air generator and its components

- Function and mode of operation of safety elements 
  * safety valve
  * pressure switch
  * non-return valve
- Professional installation of the compressor in the
 test bed, including setting and alignment


[1] Unit for functionality testing of the piston compressor from assembly exercises MT 140.02 or MT 140
[2] Driven by electric motor and belt drive
[3] Single-phase electric motor on adjustable carriage
[4] Pressure tank with adjustable pressure switch and manometer
[5] Switch cabinet with controls and ammeter to indicate current consumption
[6] Safety devices: pressure switch, safety valve, protective screen for belt drive, emergency-off switch
[7] The unit forms part of the GUNT assembly, maintenance and repair practice line


Technical Data

Single-phase motor  
- power output: 0,25kW
- speed: 1405min-1
Pressure tank
- capacity: 10L
- max. pressure: 10bar
Measuring ranges
- manometer: 0...16bar

- ammeter: 0...4A, class 2.5


Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h: 760x540x560mm
Weight: approx. 38kg 

Required for Operation
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Scope of Delivery
1 test bed
1 stopwatch
1 set of assembly/disassembly tools
0,5L compressor oil
1 instruction manual
Order Details

051.14001  MT 140.01  Assembly Exercise Piston Compressor: Functional Test