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Model 3200
Instrumentation / Transmille / Electrical Test Calibrators /

The industry established 3200 Series provides by far the fastest solution for the calibration of Loop & RCD testers, PATs and insulationa testers and also one of the safest solutiuons for calibrtating hipot/breakdown testers. 

Traditional testing practices required many items of test equipment and potential exposure to hazardous voltages with a typical multi function tester taking up to 45 minutes to calibrate. 

Using the 3200, calibration can be dramatically reduced to typically 15 minutes enabling safe, cost effective calibration to be put into practice, offering fast return on investment. Dedicated mains sockets for Loop, RCD & PAT testers on the 3200 front panel avoid the need to make connection of mains/line voltages using 4mm type test leads. This important safety feature eliminates the risk of shock to the engineer as connections are made with standard mains/line plugs.

The 3200 has been designed from the outset as a high accuracy reference for the testing of electrical test equipment. Its accuracy provides a superior stand-off ratio of better than 4:1 - essential for accurate, repeatable testing.


Ideal for on-site calibration 
The 3200 also offers a robust, transportable design ideal for on-site calibration work. The lightweight (10kg) calibrator can be supplied with a custom soft carrycase. 

The AutoLoop option also provides the capability to measurement local line impedance for the complete on-site solution.