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MI 6301 FonS
Instrumentation / Metrel / Indoor Environment Quality /

Measuring Functions

  • Completely digitalised Class 1 (Pro Set) or Class 2 (Euro Set) sound level meter with two independent measuring channels compliant with IEC 61672 standard. Each channel can be set to a different time and frequency weighting.
  • Real-time octave and one third octave frequency analyser compliant with IEC 61260 standard. Operates in two modes: an on-line reading mode which displays current measurements and logger mode, which automatically stores all measurement values per logging interval.

Other functions

  • LXY, a time weighted sound level;
  • LXeq, a time average sound level, or equivalent continuous sound level;
  • LXYmax, a maximum time weighted sound level;
  • LXYmin, a minimum time weighted sound level;
  • LXpeak, a peak sound level;
  • LXE, a sound exposure level;
  • L%, a percentile sound pressure level.

Letter X stands for A, C or Z frequency weighting, Y for fast, slow or impulse time weighting – applicable to both first and second measuring channels


SoundLink LITE PC software is used to download, review and export saved and logged data to other spreadsheet software applications. Optional frequency analysis PC software SoundLink PRO is used for data analyses, charting and reporting.