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MI 3305 OmegaGT Plus
Instrumentation / Metrel / Machines / Appliances / Switchgear Safety /

Measuring Functions

  • Continuity tests (200 mA, 4 A, 10 A, 25 A).
  • Insulation resistance.
  • Substitute leakage current.
  • Differential leakage current.
  • Touch leakage current.
  • IEC cord polarity test.
  • Leakage and load TRMS current measurement with current clamp.
  • Portable RCD testing.
  • HV Flash test.
  • Functional test.


  • PC SW PAT Link PRO included in the standard set enables downloading, view-ing, printing of test results and exporting of data to spreadsheet applications.
  • PC SW PAT Link PRO Plus enables ad-vanced analysis of test results, data upload to the instrument for on site comparison of old and new results and creation of professional test reports.