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MI 3109 Eurotest PV Lite
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MI 3109 EurotestPV Lite is a photovoltaic (PV) tester. It performs all necessary tests required on photovoltaic installations. This includes all of the tests as required by EN62446, but also includes I - U characteristic measurements, calculation to STC values and power measurements on Inverter’s DC and AC sides (single-phase only). MI 3109 EurotestPV Lite is optimized for PV tests therefore the Autotest operation mode is implemented which is intended to perform a complete set of test needed for verification of PV installations according to EN 62446 with pressing off only one button. With optional accessories the same PV test functionality as with MI 3108 EurotestPV is available.

Measuring functions

Photovoltaic installations:

Measurements on DC side of PV installation:

  • Voltage, current, power, energy;
  • Uoc (Open Circuit Voltage) and Isc (Short Circuit Current);
  • I - U curve of PV modules and strings;
  • Irradiance;
  • Module temperature.

Measurements on AC side of PV installation:

  • Voltage, current, power;
  • Efficiency of PV module, inverter, PV system calculation.


Electrical installations:

  • Insulation resistance;
  • Continuity of PE conductors.