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MI 3105 Eurotest XA
Instrumentation / Metrel / Electrical Installations Safety / Multifunction Testers (Eurotest Family) /

AUTO SEQUENCE ® - Enhanced test performance, patented by Metrel – one programmable procedure with several Single Tests in sequence.

Additional features:

  • Clearly visible information on big 320x240 dots matrix display with backlight,
  • Locator function enables tracing fuses, lines and faults. Precise inductive mode,
  • Date and time, connected to each saved result,
  • Permanent mounted Insulation Monitoring Devices on IT systems testing. With check of the ISFL (First Fault Leakage Current),
  • On-line voltage monitor shows voltage levels for L-L, L-N and L-PE during the measurement,
  • Fast and reliable accurate Loop L-PE resistance measurement without RCD tripping,
  • Built-in Fuse characteristics database for quick evaluation of measuring results at LINE/LOOP impedance testing,
  • Field proven Earth resistance measuring method which eliminates stray earth currents during the measurement.
    TN/TT/IT Earthing System support,
  • Multi-functional schuko Plug commander for faster execution of a measuring sequence,
  • QUERTY keypad built-in for creating names in installation's structure,
  • Built-in internal memory with professional organized structure with up to 2000 locations,
  • PC SW Eurolink is a strong creating tool of professional Visual Inspection Report and Testing Result Report,
  • Rechargeable battery pack with a charger is included in a standard set.