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MI 3103 GigaOhm 1 kV
Instrumentation / Metrel / Electrical Installations Safety / Singlefunction Testers (Smartec Family) /

Insulation Resistance

  • Three different test voltages (250, 500 and 1000 V) provide the tests required for all installations encountered.
  • Extremely wide range  of measured insulation resistance (up to 2 GW) enables periodic analysis of changes in insulation material.
  • Automatic discharge of the equipment under test after completion of the test.


  • 200 mA measurement with automatic polarity change.
  • Automatic compensation of test leads (up to 5 W) eliminates lead resistance.
  • Continuous low current resistance measurement for testing of electrical motors, inductive windings, transformers, etc.

RMS Voltage and Frequency

  • Warnings are given if hazardous voltages are detected.
  • Auto power-off.