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MI 3099 Demo Board
Instrumentation / Metrel / Electrical Installations Safety / Demonstration Board /

The TN-C(S) or TT type of earthing system on electrical installation with or without RCD can be simulated where the loads can be switched on or off.  This board is to be used for presentation of complete initial and periodic testing of safety on any electrical installation. The difference between the existing way of testing and testing according new patent pending revolutionized AUTO SEQUENCE ® solution can be expressed. 

This board is to be used preferably by sales personnel when demonstrating operation of electrical installation test equipment.  

  • Various AUTO SEQUENCE ® test procedures supported for demonstration of testing safety on Switchboard and on one phase / three phase Outlets by new EurotestXA and EurotestAT.
  • Different test instruments can be presented, using all standardized methods.
  • Possibility of connection to real three phase or only to single phase system.
  • Electronically protected against dangerous contact voltage.