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MI 2792 PowerQ4 Plus
Instrumentation / Metrel / Power Quality Analysis /

The MI 2792 PowerQ4 Plus is top of the range power quality analyser. With it’s 4 current and 4 voltage channels it is suitable for locating, predicting and troubleshooting of problems in three and in single phase power distribution systems. All 4 current channels have the ability to automatically recognize clamps whose range can be set on the instrument.



Measuring Functions



  • Voltage: TRMS, peak, crest factor (4-channel)
  • Current: TRMS peak, crest factor (4-channel)
  • Power (active, reactive, apparent)
  • Power factor, cos ϕ
  • Unbalance, flicker measurement
  • Harmonic analysis up to 50th harmonic, THD measurement
  • Energy (active, reactive, generated, consumed)
  • Power quality analysis according to EN 50160
  • Capturing and recording of power susply events (shut-down’s, interruptions, swells, dips)
  • Inrush currents monitoring and recording up to 10 adjustable alarms
  • Waveform displaying and snapshot