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The LCR-916/915 is a smart convenient and fully-functional dual display handheld LCR Meter. The test frequency extends as high as 100 kHz/10kHz, providing greater flexibility to test a wider range of Component. The LCR-916/915 uses as dual 20.000/2.000 count display. The 20.000 count display is used for displaying primary parameters such as capacitance, inductance, reactance, and resistance and a 2000 count display is for secondary paramaeters such as Q, D, ESR and RP Measurements. Secondary measurements can also be combined with the primary measurement while the primary measurement is still being taken.

The LCR-915/916 provides two measurment methods.2 wire and 5 wire measurements, The LCR-916/915 also come with a host of various standard or optional accessories to assist in testing a number of different component types. The meters also include handy functions such as data hold, tolerance sorting, zero mode and Min/Max (LCR-916 only).

The meters USB Interface can be used to log data to a PC using the LCR9000 Software and provide the 5V needed to power the meter.