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KL-800A CAN BUS Autotronic Training System
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The KL-800A CAN BUS Autotronic Training System is a distributed control system supported by advanced serial bus system CAN (Controller Area Network). CAN is a multi-master bus with an open, linear structure with one bus line and equal nodes. The number of nodes is not limited by the protocol. 

Each module of KL-800A system is an ECU or the interoperable device (node) on CAN BUS. Data transfer between modules is achieved by the micro-controllers over CAN BUS. When signals and data are sent to personal computer, the computer monitoring system displays the current status and data of module on PC screen and turns on the warning light if something is wrong. 

The KL-800A system can simulate the operation of fuel injection system, ignition system and exhaust gas control. Experiments include the characteristic and operation of various sensors and actuators used in automobiles.