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ICT-7A Linear IC Tester
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The new ICT-7A is a desktop IC Tester to determine the quality of linear ICs. It automatically tests IC without keying in IC part number. Built in a 3-PIN regulated socket for user to test Regulator ICs.

  • Button/ Switch:
    • 6 Function Keys: TYPE, AUTO, BEEP, TEST, SEARCH, ENTER
    • 10 Numeric Keys: 0-9
    • Test Socket,Double binding posts
  • Display:16 character LCD display
  • Test Socket:One position for 24-pin IC socket
  • Power:110V AC ~ 220V AC
  • Frequency Range:50/60 Hz
  • Buzzer:Various tones for the test result
  • Dimension:33.5cm x 30cm x 10.5cm
  • Weight:1.5Kg
  • Operating Humidity:90% (non-condensing)
  • Temperature:+10℃ ~ +40℃