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IA 120 Principles of Industrial Sensors
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Mechatronics / Automation /

This training kit can be used to investigate a selection of different sensor types commonly used in industrial automation: Optical, capacitive and inductive proximity switches to record displacement and proximity. These sensors are mounted on a base plate with the relevant accessories. The trigger distance is determined by moving the sensor holder. The base plate is provided with a scale for this purpose. A separate supply unit powers the sensors and displays the switching state by way of light-emitting diodes.
  The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
Mode of operation and application of different sensors
- One-way photoelectric barrier
- Reflex photoelectric barrier
- Inductive proximity switch
- Capacitive proximity switch
- Reflex photoelectric proximity switch, infrared
Reflex  photoelectric proximity switch, red light
- Limit switch
- Reed contact

[1] Training kit for familiarisation with position and displacement sensors
[2] Base plate with scale
[3] Sensor supply unit with 4 light-emitting diodes
[4] Sensors mounted on adjustable fixture
[5] 5 measuring plates
[6] All mountings and components housed in aluminium storage case


Technical Data

Measuring plates, l x w: 145x70mm 
- aluminium sheet: d=2mm, smooth, black
- steel sheet: d=2mm, textured, matt black
- steel sheet: d=2mm, smooth, silver
- plexiglas plate: d=5mm, transparent
- plastic plate: d=5mm, smooth, white
Gauge screw: 0...25mm
reflex photoelectric barrier: pnp, dark-switching
- light guide: pnp, dark-switching
- reflex photoelectric proximity switch: pnp,

  light-switching, 5...150mm
- photoelectric proximity switch: pnp, light-switching
- inductive proximity switch: pnp, NO contact
- capacitive proximity switch: NO contact, 1...8mm
- limit switch: 1 NO contact, 1 NC contact
- reed contact: switching distance: 5mm, max. 1W at

Power supply
- output voltage: 1,5...12VDC, graduated
- output current 500mA


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 510x410x200mm (case)
l x w x h: 460x150x27mm (base plate)
l x w x h: 160x85x140mm (sensor supply)
Weight: approx. 14kg
Required for Operation
230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase
Scope of Delivery
1 experimental unit, complete 
1 storage case with foam inlay
1 set of instructional material
Order Details
058.12000  IA 120  Principles of Industrial Sensors