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HM 405 Axial-Flow Turbomachines
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Hydraulic Fluid Energy Machines /


 The system for the investigation of fluid-flow machines is clearly laid out on a sturdy frame. The usage of corrosion resistant materials for the pipework keeps maintenance effort low. The fluid-flow machine is in a transparent housing so that the effects of the blades and flow can be clearly seen. Electronic differential pressure measurement on the different blade stages and the additional blades supplied with adjustable blade angle enable impressive experiments to be performed. A water tank enables the fluid-flow machine to be modified without the loss of water. The range of experiments is considerably extended by the fact that the fluid-flow machine can be operated both as a turbine and as a pump. In turbine operation the fluid-flow machine is driven with the aid of a powerful pump. The motor/generator attached to the fluid-flow machine is designed as an asynchronous machine with frequency converter. This enable braking energy to be returned to the mains on operation as a turbine. The measured values are measured using electronic sensors indicated in easy to read form on digital displays. A detailed two-part instruction manual is included. In Part 1, amongst other aspects, placing the system in operation and changes to the fluid-flow machine are described, whilst in Part 2 the experiments are discussed in detail.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Recording of characteristic curves
· Determination of dimension-less parameters
· Speed triangle and pressure characteristics
· Investigation of the conversion of energy in a fluid-flow machine
· Influence of blade shape on the performance and efficiency
· Determination of the outlet angular momentum and its effect on performance
· Cavitation effects
[1] System for investigations on an axial fluid-flow machine
[2] Fluid-flow machine can be operated as turbine
[3] Asynchronous machine with frequency converter as motor/generator, 4-quadrant operation with braking energy return feed possible
[4] Centrifugal pump 5.5kW, max. capacity 150m³/h
[5] Water tank 150Ltr
[6] Pipes and fittings made of plastic
[7] Switch box with digital displays for power consumption, moment, speed, inlet pressure, outlet pressure, flow rate and differential pressure
[8] 400V,3~50Hz
Technical Data
Centrifugal pump 5.5kW
Max. capacity 150m³/h
Max. head 10m

Motor/generator 1.5kW
Torque 0..5Nm
Speed 0..3000rpm
Pressure measurement -1...5bar
Differential pressure transducer -1000...1000mbar
Measurement of flow rate 0...150m³/h
Speed measurement 0...9999rpm
Moment measurement 0...5Nm
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 3300 x 800 x 2300 mm
Weight : approx. 680 kg
Required for Operation
Compressed air connection 3..10bar
Scope of Delivery
1 system, completely assembled, 6 additional blade sets with different inlet and outlet angles, 1 insert without blades, 1 instruction manual (two part)
Order Details
070.40500 HM 405 Axial-Flow Turbomachines