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HM 365 Universal Drive and Brake Unit
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Hydraulic Fluid Energy Machines /

HM 365 is the core element of a modular equipment series enabling experiments at the most varied engines and machines, e.g. pumps, turbines or combustion engines. The machine under investigation is connected to the HM 365 via a belt drive. Fasteners couple the HM 365 and the engine or machine under investigation mechanically.
  The main function of the HM 365 is the provision of the required drive or brake power to investigate the selected engines or machines. This power is generated by an air-cooled asynchronous motor with frequency converter. The energy that is generated during generator operation is converted into heat in a load resistor. The drive and brake torque can be finely adjusted. It is measured by a force transducer. For this purpose the asynchronous motor is suspended on a pendulum bearing. To tighten the V-belt, the motor can be moved.
  HM 365 includes digital displays for speed and torque. The data transmission between the HM 365 and the investigated engine or machine takes place via a data cable. All measuring signals are available in electronic form and can be saved or further processed using the software for data acquisition from the engine or machine.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
Asynchronous motor as drive
- torque measurement
- speed measurement
Asynchronous motor as brake
- torque measurement
- speed measurement

[1] Drive and brake unit for connecting to various engines and machines

[2] Asynchronous motor with frequency converter

[3] Asynchronous motor with pendulum bearing, torque measurement via lever arm and force transducer
[4] Speed measurement by reflective light sensor at the motor shaft
[5] 4 quadrant operation via frequency converter 
[6] Measurements for speed and torque displayed digitally at the equipment 


Technical Data

Asynchronous motor with frequency converter
- power: 2,2kW
- max. speed: approx. 3000min-1
- max. torque: approx. 7Nm
V-belt drive
- V-belt length: 1157mm, 1180mm, 1250mm
- V-belt type: SPA
- V-belt pulley diameter: 125mm
Load resistor: 72 Ohm, 2400W

Measuring ranges
- speed: 0...3000min-1
- torque: 0...7,5Nm 

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 800x700x1250mm
Weight: approx. 100kg
Required for Operation
400V, 50/60Hz, 3 phases or 230V, 60Hz/CSA, 3 phases
Scope of Delivery
1 drive and brake unit
1 set of V-belts
1 data cable for connecting the modules
1 manual
Order Details

070.36500  HM 365  Universal Drive and Brake Unit