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HM 365.32 Turbine Supply Unit
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Hydraulic Fluid Energy Machines /


 The HM 365.32 is part of an equipment series that facilitates the investigation of a wide range of engines and machines.

Different turbines can be operated and studied with this supply module. 
The turbines are connected to the water circuit using a flexible hose. A powerful centrifugal pump supplies pressurised water to drive the turbine under test. All relevant measured values are acquired using sensors and are displayed on the measuring unit of the supply module. The data acquisition software enables the measured values to be further processed on a PC. 
The HM 365 Universal Drive and Brake Unit is used as a generator to load the turbine.
A supply of three-phase mains electricity is required.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

Together with the HM 365.31 and HM 365 Universal Drive and Brake Unit, the following experiments are possible:
- Turbine characteristic curves
- Hydraulic power
- Mechanical power
- Turbine efficiency
- Influence of the blade adjustment on the Francis 
  turbine characteristic curves


[1] Base module for the operation of turbines
[2] lxwxh 1500x1300x800mm, 120kg empty
[3] Copper pipe work with ball valve and electromagnetic flow meter
[4] Connection to the turbines via flexible hose with quick-release coupling
[5] Supply tank made of plastic
[6] Measuring amplifier for the connection of the electronic sensors
[7] Digital display of the measured values and relaying to PC data acquisition

Technical Data

Centrifugal pump
- 5 stages

- power consumption: 5.5kW
- max. flow rate: 400L/min

- max. head: 80m

Tank: capacity 96L


Measuring ranges
- pressure p1: -1...9bar
- pressure p2: 0...1.6bar
- temperature with PT100: 0...100°C
- flow rate: 0...600L/min

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 1300x800x1200mm
Weight empty: approx. 120kg
Required for Operation
400V, 50Hz, 3 phase or 230V, 60Hz, 3 phase
Cooling water min. 8L/min
Scope of Delivery

1 basic module with measuring amplifier

1 connecting hose

1 instruction manual

Order Details
070.36532  HM 365.32  Turbine Supply Unit