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HM 240.05 Pipe Fittings
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Steady Incompressible Flow /


 With the HM 240.05, an accessory for the HM 240, it is possible to investigate the pipe friction losses in a flow of air for different fittings such as a straight pipe section, an elbow, a bend, and different pipe inlets. The models supplied are made of plastic and are equipped with connections for pressure measurement; these are connected to the Computer Linked Air Flow Bench.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
With HM 240, HM 240.01, and HM 240.05, the following experiments are possible:
· Pressure loss measurements on pipe sections
· Pressure loss measurements at an elbow
· Pressure loss measurements at a bend
· Investigation of the influence of different shaped pipe inlets
[1] Model on pipe friction losses
[2] lxwxh unassembled 1500x200x400mm,5kg
[3] Bend and elbow, each 90°
[4] Straight pipe section, extension possible
[5] Two different pipe inlets
Technical Data
Pipe section with flange: 
1235mm long, inside diameter 53.6mm
Extension: 991mm long (with inlet)
Pipe inlet: undisturbed inlet 22mm radius
Discontinuous enlargement: 35...53.6mm
Dimensions and Weight
lxwxh unassembled : 1500 x 200 x 400 mm
Weight : approx. 5 kg
Scope of Delivery
1 set of models, 1 instruction manual
Order Details
070.24005 HM 240.05 Pipe Fittings