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HM 240.03 Electronic Pitot Sensor
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Steady Incompressible Flow /


 The HM 240.03 was designed as an accessory for the HM 240 Computer Linked Air Flow Bench. With the vertically moving sensor, pressure measurements in the intake tube for the fan on the HM 240 can be performed. The position of the measuring opening in the tube is output by a potentiometer as a voltage signal and can be displayed in a software package as travel in mm. Measuring connections on the sensor are connected to the pressure sensors on the HM 240 Bench, the measurements made in this way enable the pressures across the diameter of the tube (= travel) to be displayed. To be able to display the values measured with the Pitot sensor on a PC, the HM 240.01 Data Logging Unit is also required.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
With the HM 240, HM 240.01, and HM 240.03, the following experiments can be performed:
· Measurements of the total pressure in the HM 240 intake tube (pressure distribution over the tube)
· Measurements of the dynamic pressure in the HM 240 intake tube (speed distribution over the tube)

With the HM 240.04 the following experiment is also possible:
· Measurements behind a cylinder in a transverse flow
[1] Electronic Pitot sensor for pressure measurement
[2] lxwxh: 120x75x350mm, 1kg
[3] Measurement of the static pressure
[4] Measurement of the dynamic pressure component
Technical Data
Travel measuring range: 0...130mm
Pressure measuring connections for:
static pressure
total pressure
Dimensions and Weight
lxwxh (retracted) : 120 x 75 x 350 mm
Weight : approx. 1 kg
Scope of Delivery
1 sensor, 1 instruction manual
Order Details
070.24003 HM 240.03 Electronic Pitot Sensor