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HM 225.05 Flow Around a Bend
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Steady Incompressible Flow /


 The HM 225.05 accessory is intended for use with the HM 225 test stand. A transparent pipe bend with a constant square cross-section is attached to the test stand using quick action fasteners. The pipe bend is equipped with measuring glands at regular intervals for measuring the pressure loss. The measuring gland are connected to the HM 225.01 Multi Tube Manometer.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Pressure loss on the 90° bend
· Vortex and secondary flow in the bend
[1] Accessory for the HM 225 Air Flow Bench
[2] Experimental set-up for determining the pressure loss in a 90° pipe bend through which there is a flow
[3] Pipe bend made of Plexiglass, with pressure measuring glands
Technical Data
Pipe bend cross-section: 50x100mm
Number of measuring glands: 28
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 230 x 180 x 200 mm
Weight : approx. 4 kg
Scope of Delivery
1 experimental set-up, 1 instruction manual
Order Details
070.22505 HM 225.05 Flow Around a Bend