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HM 220.01 Venturi Tube
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Steady Incompressible Flow /


The Venturi tube can be placed in the measuring section of the test stand with only a few actions. Then fluid mechanics experiments on the energy conservation law (Bernoulli) and on the law of continuity can be performed. The pressure measuring connections on the tube are connected via hoses to the multiple tube manometer belonging to the test stand.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Investigations on the law of continuity
· Investigation of the energy conservation law
[1] Venturi tube for placing in the HM 220 Air Flow Studies Unit
[2] Tube divided into 6 segments with pressure measuring connections
[3] Tube made of plastic
Technical Data
Inlet/outlet diameter 84.6mm
Smallest diameter with flow 40mm
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 300 x 150 x 150 mm
Weight: approx. 3 kg
Scope of Delivery
1 Venturi tube
Order Details
070.22001  HM 220.01  Venturi Tube