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HM 215 Two-Stage Axial - Flow Fan
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Hydraulic Fluid Energy Machines /


 The HM 215 was designed for measuring the fan characteristic curve of a two-stage axial fan. For this purpose 2 identical, speed regulated fans are fitted in a pipe. Connections for differential pressure measurement are fitted at appropriate points. Temperature and pressure are measured electronically before and after each stage. A 3-hole sensor with position measurement facilitates the measurement of speed distributions at impellers and guide wheels. In addition, speed and flow rate are measured. For comparison to the fans connected in series, the fans can also be operated separately. The fans each have individually adjustable blades and a guide wheel. All measured data is displayed on the unit and can be processed in other applications by means of the PC data acquisition.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
- Determination of the fan characteristic curve
- Series and individual configuration of axial fans
- Influence of fan blade adjustment
- Determination of the energy balance
- Determination of the speed distributions on 
  impellers and guide wheels by means of sensor

[1] 2-stage axial fan, can be used individually or in series
[2] lxwxh: 5225x970x1800mm, 250kg
[3] Individually adjustable blades
[4] Flow straightener at the inlet
[5] Regulator feature
[6] Electronic measurement of pressure and temperature before and after each stage
[7] Volumetric flow and speed determined electronically using dp transmitter
[8] 3-hole sensor
[9] Software requirement: Windows XP


Technical Data

2 fans, speed control via frequency converter 
- nominal rating, drive motor: 3.45kW
- dp max.: 798Pa
- max. speed: 2850rpm
- blade angle: 39°
Fan pipe inside diameter: 400mm

Measuring ranges
- temperature: 0...100°C
- volumetric flow: 0...5.12m³/s
- differential pressure: -25...25mbar
- radial position of the sensor: 100...200mm
- angle: 0...320°


Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h (w/o pipe outl.) : 4325 x 975 x 1800 mm,

length with pipe outlet : 5225 mm
Weight : approx. 250 kg

Required for Operation
400V, 50Hz, 3 phase
Scope of Delivery

1 test stand, ready to use

1 data acquisition card

1 ribbon cable

1 instruction manual

Order Details
070.21500  HM 215  Two - Stage Axial - Flow Fan