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HM 168 Flow Visualisation and Mobile Bed Channel
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Hydraulics for Civil and Environmental Engineering /


The HM 168 flow channel was developed for the investigation of the movement of sediment. For this purpose a flow is generated in a generously sized stainless steel tank; this flow draws with it the sand on the base of the tank. The channel consists of several segments that are assembled in the place where the unit is to be used. The flow in the channel is generated using a powerful pump. The flow rate in the channel is regulated using a digital industrial controller that drives a motor-operated control valve. The flow rate is measured using a magneto-inductive flowmeter that can be switched between different resolutions providing 2 measuring ranges. In this way, e.g. it also possible to investigate flows with low flow rates. Weir plates can be inserted in the flow tank. A sand filling for the channel is available on request.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Investigation of sediment migration
· Visualisation of the behaviour of boundary layers
· Sediment erosion and deposits
· Speed distribution in the flow tank
· Flume flow
[1] Flow channel with sand bed for the visualisation of the movement of sediment
[2] Flow channel made of stainless steel
[3] Working area 5000x800x250mm
[4] Pump 2.7kW, 80m³/h, 13m head
[5] Magneto-inductive flowmeter with switchable resolution
[6] Switch box with PID controller
[7] 2 filter inserts with varying mesh sizes
[8] Impact plate for flow quietening
[9] Slots for weir inserts
[10] 230V,~50Hz, 16A
Technical Data
Flow tank made of stainless steel
Working area 5000x800x250mm
Pump 2.7kW
Max. head 13m
Max. flow 80m³/h
Control valve DN25, PN16, with adjustment motor
Magneto-inductive flowmeter with switchable resolution
Measuring range I: 70m³/h
Measuring range II: 2m³/h
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 6220 x 900 x 1200 mm
Empty weight: approx. 800 kg
Weight full approx. 1800 kg
Required for Operation
Scope of Delivery
1 flow channel, complete, 1 technical description, 1 set of accessories, 2 filter inserts
Order Details
070.16800 HM 168 Flow Visualisation and Mobile Bed Channel