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HM 150.03 Flow Over Weirs Accessory
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics /


 Using the supplied weir plates, the measurement of flow rate in open channels can be investigated. They are used together with the HM 150. Water is fed from the HM 150 into a section of channel, the water then flows over the weir into the volumetric tank and back to the sump tank. A weir with a V notch (Thomson weir) and a weir with a rectangular notch are provided for the investigations. A depth gauge for the determination of the weir head is included.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
Together with the HM 150, the following topics can be addressed:
· Determination of weir head
· Determination of volumetric flow rate
[1] Self-sealing weir panels, 230x185x8mm, manufactured from PVC
[2] Level gauge to determine the weir head
[3] Thomson weir with notch 90°
[4] Square weir, notch w x h 60x50mm
Technical Data
Weir panels made of PVC
- square weir: width of notch 60mm
- Thomson weir: notch angle 90°
Level gauge: measuring range 0...200mm
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 290 x 190 x 290 mm
Weight : approx. 2 kg
Scope of Delivery
2 weirs, 1 level gauge, 1 Allan key, 1 set of screws, 1 instruction manual
Order Details
070.15003 HM 150.03 Flow Over Weirs Accessory