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HM 115 Properties of Fluids & Hydrostatics Bench
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics /


 With this well equipped hydrostatics bench, numerous experiments on the topic of the hydrostatics of liquids and gases can be carried out. A pipe section and various pressure measuring devices are fitted to a laboratory trolley with a demonstration panel, working area and cabinet. Various measuring containers are integrated into the pipe section. The sealed water circuit and pump with supply tank permit experiments to be performed independent of a mains water connection. This feature makes the bench particularly suitable for use in seminars rooms and lecture theatres. Further experimental apparatus are included in the cabinet, e.g. a device for determining the centre of pressure of a column of water. This enables the pressure on a weir to be determined, amongst other aspects.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Familiarisation with different methods of measuring pressure
· Familiarisation with various items of pressure measuring equipment
· Measurement of the static and dynamic pressure component in a fluid
· Experiments on the Boyle-Marriotte law
· Determination of the buoyancy of various bodies
· Investigations on the density of liquids
· Determination of surface tension
· Demonstration of capillary effects
· Demonstration Pascal's law
· Determination of the centre of pressure
[1] Mobile bench for experiments on fundamental principles in the area of hydrostatics
[2] Pipes made of PVC, DN 20
[3] 3 measuring cylinders made of Plexiglass, height 500mm, varying diameter
[4] Pressure measurement using electronic sensor, leaf spring manometer, spring tube manometer, mercury U-tube manometer, tube manometer, Prandtl tube
[5] Sealed water circuit with pump 0.22kW and supply tank 27Ltr
[6] Vacuum pump, bottom pressure apparatus, centre of pressure experimental apparatus, apparatus for determining the buoyant force, app. for determ. surface tension, connecting pipe, capillary, areometer are also supplied
Technical Data
Submersible pump 0.22kW
Max. volumetric flow rate 95Ltr/min
Max. head: 12.5m
Hg U-tube manometer 270..0..270mbar
Tube manometer 0..500mmWC
Leaf spring manometer -1..1.5bar
Spring tube manometer -1..1.5bar
Areometer, measuring range from 0.8..1.2g/cm³
3 measuring containers, height 500mm, 
D= 100,133,200mm
Pipes PVC, DN 20
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 1520 x 780 x 1980 mm
Weight : approx. 135 kg
Required for Operation
Scope of Delivery
1 bench, 1 vacuum pump (membrane compressor), 1 bottom pressure apparatus, 1 centre of pressure experimental set-up, 1 buoyancy force apparatus, 1 surface tension apparatus, 1 capillary, 1 set of connecting pipes, 2 areometer, 
1 conically shaped container, 1 instruction manual
Order Details
070.11500 HM 115 Properties of Fluids & Hydrostatics Bench