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HM 111 Pipe Network Bench
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology / Steady Incompressible Flow /


A common problem in the installation of pipe-work is the determination of pressure and flow rate in complex pipe systems. The HM 111 Pipe Network Bench facilitates the setting up and investigation of different types of pipe system, for instance series and parallel configurations of pipes, their branches and joints. Analogous to Kirchoff's laws in electrical engineering, the pressure in the pipes corresponds to the electrical voltage, the pressure losses to the electrical resistances. Node analyses can be performed. The pipe systems can be assembled on the top of the experimental module using the pipes and connecting fittings supplied. The experimental module includes a closed water circuit with supply tank and pump, and a tank for volumetric flow rate measurement. Two-tube manometers with different measuring ranges are included for pressure measurements. 

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Recording a calibration curve for individual pipe

  sections: pressure loss over flow rate
- Parallel configurations of pipes (open / closed)
- Series configurations of pipes
- Combined series and parallel configuration
- Investigation of a ring circuit (supply circuit)
- Differential pressure measurement
- Pressure losses in different fittings


[1] Unit for the analysis of different pipe systems
[2] l x w x h 1800x800x1600mm, 160kg
[3] Volumetric flow rate measurement in the range from 0...10L and 10...40L with level indication
[4] Parallel and series configuration of pipes
[5] Construction of a ring circuit
[6] Pressure losses at different fittings such as bends and elbows
[7] Pressure measurement with water and mercury manometers


Technical Data


- 550W
- max. head: 11m, max. flow rate: 12m³/h
Max. pipework capacity: 4.8m³/h
Supply tank: 170L
Measuring tank

- capacity: 10L / 40L (smaller / larger measuring

Pipe sections

- length 700mm each
- nominal diameters

  25x1.9mm (1x)

  20x1.5mm (2x)

  16x1.2mm (2x)
Measuring ranges of manometers 
- Mercury U tube: 1360/0/1360mbar
- 2-tube water manometer: 100mbar


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 1800 x 800 x 1600 mm
Weight: approx. 160 kg
Required for Operation
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Scope of Delivery

1 pipe network bench, complete

1 instructions manual

Order Details
070.11100  HM 111  Pipe Network Bench