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HL 962.01 Standard Chemicals Pump
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The standard pump used here is a centrifugal pump commonly used in the chemical and process engineering industries. The media being carried are often corrosive, toxic, explosive or volatile, or are carried at very high or very low temperatures. This places extreme stress on the pump.

  The standard pump is a single-stage spiral casing pump in process configuration. The process configuration ensures quick and easy exchanging of wearing parts. The spiral housing is the most common design for single-stage pumps. Its design is precisely adapted to the flow of the pump. This enables the optimum efficiency levels to be attained. The hydraulic design and connecting dimensions of the pump conform to ISO 2858; the technical requirements are to ISO 5199.

  The pump is very well suited, as a single object, to assembly and repair projects. It can be stripped down and wearing parts can be replaced.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Alignment of pump and drive motor (with HL 962)

- Operation of a standard pump

- Recording the pump characteristic (in the complete HL 962 system)

- Leak testing (in the complete HL 962 system)

- Planning, execution and assessment of maintenance and repair 


[1] Centrifugal pump to ISO 5199

[2] Drive provided by HL 962

[3] Process configuration permits easy exchange of wearing parts

[4] Pump hydraulic design to ISO 2858

[5] Pump technical requirements to ISO 5199


Technical Data

Centrifugal pump

- max. flow rate: 9,5m³/h

- max. head: 9,5m
- power consumption: 0,5kW
- rated speed: 1450min-1
Connecting flange
- delivery side: DN 32
- intake side: DN 50


- housing, impeller: grey cast iron

- shaft: stainless steel


Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h: 570x240x300mm

Weight: approx. 43kg

Scope of Delivery
1 pump, 1 set of technical documentation
Order Details
065.96201  HL 962.01  Standard Chemicals Pump